Thursday, January 20, 2011

The wheels are turning

I have been down on myself this past week for not writing as much as I have wanted to. I finally got in some writing last night and again tonight. I wrote over 1,000 words tonight, and I am very pleased with where those words are taking my story. I am starting to feel like I can be a good liar/story teller. I am not even to the really juicy stuff yet, but I like it! I think that if I were reading this book and had only read as far as to where I have written I would still be interested with it and happy with what I had read so far, so I think this is a really good sign!

Happy writing!


  1. I'm in the same boat - three days without writing this week! Since I started writing again, that's a record. I felt pretty down about it to, but at the same time, my battery had some time to recharge and I can come back at my story full swing.

    A little down time doesn't have to be bad... just make sure it doesn't turn into Completely Off Forever Time! :)

    J. E. Medrick

  2. I've had the same experience. I had to resort to outlining sections for future books this week because I didn't have the time or energy to write like I wanted.

  3. Wow, Yeah Medrick. I checked your counter and you did right a ton! Congrats! You are sooo close to being done!