Sunday, May 8, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award & Random Me Stuff!

Hello friends, authors, and readers. I have been known to crawl the internet when I get that bout of ADD while trying to write, or basically do anything on the computer. Well, I was surprised and so happy to find that an author I truly admire, SM Reine, selected moi as one of her peeps to get the Stylish Blogger Award. Thanks Sara!!!!!

So, here's how it works:

1. Thank and link the person who nominated you.
2. Share seven random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award on to five new-found blogging buddies.
4. Contact the winners to congratulate them.

Random Fact #1:
My favorite body parts are my feet and my wrists. I know this seems strange, but I really do have the cutest feet. I'm 5' 6.5" and my feet are a size 7-7.5. Most women my height are at like 8-8.5, so my feet are small, but they are also cute. As for my wrists, I just think they are dainty and elegant. I'm sure if you saw them you would agree.

Random Fact #2:
I didn't become a hard core reader until I read Twilight back in November 2008. Since that time, I have gobbled up books like they were crack .  I was seriously addicted. There was never a time since I started my addiction of reading that I was not in the middle of a book. As soon as I finished one, I was back online buying another eBook. I love Vampires; I read Twilight then read Sookie Stackhouse, then Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress Series, and then anything else I could find. I was even a daily member of Jeaniene Frost's Frost Fans forum to get book suggestions. My TBR list grew and grew. Then I read Hocking's book Switched and found out that I didn't need a big New York publishing company to write and publish a book, and the rest is history. 

Random Fact #3:
My first favorite song was Bon Jovi's You Give Love a Bad Name. I still rock out to it when I hear it on the radio. 

Yeah, I was a big time screamer of "Shot Through the Heart!". I am still a sucker for hair bands. Poison, Pour Some Sugar on Me; Scorpions, Rock You Like a Hurricane "na-na na-na na-na!", and other such songs/bands. Anyway, I still love them when I hear them. ;)

Random Fact #4:
Oh man, I really got to do 7 of these? Hope I can hang, because I don't think I am that interesting. Anyway, onto Numero Quatro. As some of you may know, I have 2 doggies. A pit bull and a Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff). Well, I used to HATE animals. We had dogs and cats growing up, and we had this dog, Sparky, that got hair EVERYWHERE!!! I mean you could vacuum and then you would still inhale it! So when a dog would come up to me with their slimy nose, I was like "Eww, get away from me!" (In the Honey Badger narrator's voice. If you don't know what that is, you need to Google it because it is HILARIOUS!). 

How did this change to me being the mommy to 2 doggies? Well, hubs took me to his brother's house, and this brother had THE most fearsome pit I'd ever seen. And I was freakin' ascared of pits back then. So, he takes me in the house, and I fell in LOVE with this dog. And she was preggers, so we got a puppy. And when I felt like said puppy was loving the Hubs more, I decided I needed a new doggy to love me MORE. So I got Kita, and told Hubs he could not give her treats or snuggles.

KITA (as a pup. She's HUGE now)

And, I think I'll leave you there. The number 7 is bad luck anyway. 4 seems more appropros, and Honey Badger don't care! 

I nominate the following 5 peeps:
1~ Heather Hildenbrand, because she most certainly ROCKS!
2~ Sarah Ketley, because she is the COOLEST Aussie!
3~ Megan Duncan, because she is a great author who has been supportive since day 1!
4~ Christin Mowery, because we are twins separated at birth!
5~ Hussy, because I ♥ her, and I can't wait to see what she says (She's effing funny!).
6~ KC Neal AKA Yin, because she is the Yin to my Yang! (What? I'm a rule breaker on the 7 facts, I can be a rule breaker on the 5 peeps! Honey Badger don't care!)


  1. OMG look at the size of that tongue! I'd have thought you'd photoshopped it!! And well done on the award (and congrats to Pixie!)
    Re-edited vsn of The Arrival now up and just .99c for May ONLY

  2. Thank you so much for nominating me, Angeline. We definitely were twins separated at birth. LOL. We're so much alike.

    I love the random facts. Well, I just love you period.

  3. Hi Angeline, I just came over from Sarah's blog hop post. I loved the Night Huntress series too! I struggled a bit with the first one but I thought Ms Frost's writing evolved after that. Can't wait till August (I think it's August) when the next one comes out.

  4. New follower here. Nice ta meet ya, Angeline!

  5. Nicole~ Nope, no Photoshop. That's all excited doggy right there! I love how you can see he's soo happy in that photo.

    Christin~ Hahaha ♥

    Sari~ So nice to meet you! ;) Yeah, Book 2, I think was my favorite. I have book 5, but I still haven't read it yet. That is crazy for me because this series is UP THERE for me.

    Hi Matthew. I followed you back :)

    Sara~ Thanks! She's HUGE now. 100 pounds of stubborn.

  6. Is Kita a Great Dane? She's gorgeous!

  7. Hi Angeline. It's funny how ADD always strikes when it's time to write. *winks* happens to me too, like right now.

    Your doggy is so so so cute. Love him. I'd totally break the no treats, no snuggles rule. :)

  8. Matthew~ No, she's a Cane Corso, or Italian Mastiff. They used to fight lions in the Colosseum- back in the days they did that kind of thing.

    CherylAnn~ I like it when you visit me on your ADD spurts! lol Yeah, it's funny because Kujo loves me the most now, and Kita is totally a daddy's girl! Hahaha