Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wicked Thing is OUT!

Squeee!!! Wicked Thing is officially out in the world today. Carmyn and Dallas have been so well received by everyone who's read the book thus far! I am thrilled!

Today has been overwhelming in the most beautiful way! Thank you to Jessica who organized and planned the release day blitz! She's an amazing publicist, people! She was the mastermind behind the Descended by Blood tour back in the day as well. Thank you to all the bloggers who participated in the blitz to help me get the word out about Wicked Thing. A blitz isn't a blitz without you guys! Thank you to all my wonderful author friends and reader friends who shared the links, retweeted, and bought the book! Each share, tweet, and purchase is a huge show of support for me and my work, and I am forever grateful to you all. So much love for you guys!

I have so many exciting things to share with you! The first is that we got Wicked Thing over the 800 adds mark on GoodReads today, so I am releasing the image of Dallas in all his tatted glory. He is tatted the way he is in the book!

Squee! Right!? I had to make that image bigger because it is sooo effing HOT!! And so perfectly Dallas!

Oh! And another exciting this you'll want to know is that if you buy the ebook, it comes SIGNED!! Yep, that's right! The ebook is signed by me with a special note!

You can get the ebook from Amazon or B&N. Kobo and iBooks links are coming soon. 

And then on top of all this awesome stuff, I'm running a giveaway prize pack during the tour! 

Every piece of the prize pack is inspired by Wicked Thing. The Dirty Dancing blue-ray DVD because Dirty Dacning is actually important to the story. Sour Patch kids happen to be Carmyn's candy of choice. And the charm bracelet is includes 6 charms, each with major significance to the story. The dice because Dallas likes gambling, the dancer because of Carmyn, the motorcycle because Dallas has one, a custom-made amazing one! The dragon because Dallas has a dragon tattoo (see above). Same with the shark, also a tattoo. And the bluebird has a real significance to the story. I won't spoil that one. You'll have to read it to understand how awww and important it is in the story!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Again, thanks to everyone who's sharing the news and everyone who's read the book! Much love!


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  2. Who is that guy? He is freaking gorgeous!