Thursday, January 16, 2014

Should Publishers Chat with Drug Dealers?

Today I come to you all as a reader. I have a major issue I need to vent about. I buy a TON of books. A ton. I don't read all of said books, but I sure spend a pretty penny every freaking month on these things. And I am alllll about the ebooks. If I ever was a whore of anything, it is the ebook, my friends. The EBOOK.

But before I go any further, I think I need to clarify that I don't do libraries. I just don't. One because I'm also an instant gratification whore, and two because "I" am that person who has the book you've been waiting on to be returned for 8 freaking months. Yep! That is me, folks! I suck at the return nonsense. So I just don't do it. And if I buy physical books, I don't end up reading them. It's the digital ink that does it for me.

So my Kindle library is filled, filled with ebooks. It's a sickness. I need help. Some of you may understand this. If you don't, imagine being inside my Kindle as being inside one of those Hoarders houses. Like that. And my buying habits are such that I buy a ton of indie books. I love me some indie books because the stories are great, a lot of times the ideas are fresher, and they are AFFORDABLE. I'll see traditionally published books on blog tours and hear about them (and by "hear" I mean see them on FB or Twitter), and I'll think, "Wow, this sounds good." So I check my crack dealer, AKA Amazon, and see the freaking thing is priced at 10 bucks.


Ain't gonna happen.

It's just not possible. I buy lots of ebooks a week, and if I did this with each one costing me $10, I'd be praying to all that is the mighty Google to let me find shelter within my hoarder fallout of a Kindle because I could not afford to pay my mortgage. Simple as that.

But then one of my great friends is a total library rat. Like she checks out multiple books at a time and speeds through them, leaving me in her wake. And I love asking about them because I've heard things, and her taste is pretty similar to mine, so I like to get her thoughts on said books. And here is where the problem comes in for me. All her library books are traditionally published books. And the pricing strategy in the traditionally published world SUCKS for us readers. I mean, it's not sustainable at all. I complained about this on FB not too long ago and one thing I mentioned is that these companies should just go talk to drug dealers because they'll know more about supply & demand, and pricing, and moving product more than these big-wigs up in NYC seem to know. No joke.

And here is where I tell you about my dilemma in FB stickers.

So my friend gets the 5th Wave by Rick Yancey, and this book has been on my radar because people have been talking about it for some time now, but I never really give it a second go because it's $10. But then my BFF tells me she got it, and I'm all like

because I've been wanting to read this book, and what's better than reading a book, enjoying it, and then talking about it with your bookish friend? Reading a book WITH your bookish friend. So then of course I have to read this book now. 

I run over to Amazon to check the price. And guess what? Yep, $10. And then I'll all like
But I think, "Hmmm, I really want to read this one and I want to read it with her. Maybe I'll read the sample and see if it's worth the $10." See, I think rationally about it because this becomes an investment, a financial investment at this point. Shizz just got real, yo! 

So then I'm all like this with the sample
Until I get to the end. And yeah I really enjoyed it, but dang, this sucker is going to cost me $10. The struggle is so not resolved. If anything, it becomes more difficult. Like this
And I take my struggles to my good friend who has a brilliant idea that if it's lendable, I can ask someone on Twitter. SCORE

I run back to Amazon to check if lending is even an option, see that it is not, and I feel like this
Yes, a prisoner. 

A shackled prisoner with no options to read some of these books because the dealer just charges too dang stinkin' much. I, in no way, condone piracy, but it's times like these that I can understand how people could. And partake in the free, illegal fruit. If I believed piracy was a victimless act, I would be up in there downloading a free copy. Because get real, publishers. I am an avid reader. We avid readers need to support this habit. Get your shizz together, lower some of these prices, and then we'll talk. And you'll probably be talking and gibber-gabbing all the way to the bank because people are going to buy your shizz up.

I'm not even asking for major price drops. Even at $6.99, I'd buy more of these traditionally published books. I would have read that sample and one-clicked. My money would have left my bank and landed in theirs. And in this special case, it probably still will. But 9 out of 10 times I don't end up buying that traditionally published book priced at $10. I think, "Well, that was good and I'd like to continue to read it, but not at $10." And then it's off my radar for good. I've invested some time, and it wasn't worth the investment. Now don't get me wrong, I do believe that people should be paid for their hard work. I'm just saying that for someone who reads a lot, I simply cannot afford to throw out $10 bills in line with my one-click habit. 

Can I get an "Amen!"?


  1. I hear you about the cost of ebooks. I am the same way...anything over $5 meets with a slam on brakes action. I then see if my library has a digital copy of it and 9 times out of 10 they don't so I go back to look at the ebook and then see the physical book is the same price and then hem and haw over it all and eventually just slink away sad and depressed.

    Unlike you I do go to the library but I have so much else to read that those poor books often go unread and get returned late...I suck at the library game. Which is why I love the digital portion of my library as it does all the work on remembering when they do back and delete it off my device.

    Finally, I have an ARC of 5th Wave if you want to borrow it just DM me your address on Twitter or FB or somewhere. It was a really good book and I'm looking forward to the next book.

  2. AAAAAAAMEEEEEEEEEN. <--- sing that

    Funny post. With relevant info. And did you know you can get HERPES from library books? I read that somewhere. On the Internet. THUS IT IS TRUE.

  3. Wwhatt?? The Herp?? Geez. Me and the library are on an official break!

  4. Holy...yeah, Amen! I hear ya', Girl. I am the same way about buying books. I think $10 is way too much for an ebook; especially when I browse the book aisle at my grocery store and find the paperback for $7! All the books are always 15-25% off, score! I don't understand how a book released by a major publisher, and then the ebook version, are so close in price. There is no printing, binding, packing, shipping, etc. involved with an ebook. It's just digitally uploaded; what's the cost and labor in that? I know, I know, they are trying recoup the loss of less paperback sales. Still sucks.
    I loved your post, it made me laugh my a$$ off. Make sure to wear a wig and sunglasses when you do eventually contact these drug dealers. ;)

  5. I started reading Abbi Glines as an indie author when her books were reasonably priced. Now her books are 7.99! Even the re-releases!! And man that woman can publish! She has at least 4 on Amazon that are up for preorder, and those are all new releases in a series I was trying to keep up with! What's a bookaholic like me supposed to do? Oh and the book Wallbanger by Alice Clayton is also outrageously priced! I have been wanting to read it forever, but I don't spend more than $5 for an ebook. Ain't nobody got money for that!! Tamara Webber is releasing breakable in May for $5 something, and I preordered it as a bday presie to myself. That's the game I gotta play these days!! So yes I can definitely feel your pain!!